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Timeless Serum

Timeless Serum

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The complete formula of the timeless serum blends 90% Plant Stem Cells with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and MSM to regenerate cells at a faster rate and enhance the firmness, and softness of your skin. This potent anti-aging serum nourishes your skin, reducing wrinkles and damage, and improving its elasticity and firmness resulting in a more youthful appearance and sensation. With consistent use, this long-term solution can revitalize your skin, leaving you radiant and beautiful every day.

Benefits & Star Ingredients

* Cellular longevity
* Regenerates and repairs skin cells from a cellular level
* Reduces wrinkles
* Prevents skin moisture loss
* Detoxifies skin
* Restores damaged skin

Star Ingredients

* Plant Stem Cells: Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties fight visible signs of aging by regeneration and repairing skin cells
* Wakame Bioferment (Seaweed Keratin): Targets the mitochondria and boosts them to help cell longevity. Detoxifies skin by targeting internal pollution and minimizing damage at the cellular level.
* Niacinamide: A form of Vitamin B3 - helps cell regeneration and improves skin texture
* Organic Aloe: Deep moisturizer, skin healing properties, battles skin dullness
* Vitamin C: Improves the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, prevents sun damage, and aids in slowing skin aging
* MSM: Restores damaged tissue
* Vitamin E: Anti-inflammatory
* Turmeric: Prevents moisture loss in the skin, and protects against wrinkles. It is a strong antioxidant that helps reduce skin aging

Skin type

Suitable for all skin types

How to use

After cleansing, apply 2 pumps of Timeless Serum onto your fingertips and gently press and massage onto the skin. Follow with your preferred moisturizer.


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Nursing & Pregnant Safe?

Timeless Serum is a pregnancy-safe serum; however, always consult your doctor before usage.

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